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Audio Journey trough The Paupers’ Paradise

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Audio Journey trough The Paupers' Paradise

Experience this unique theatrical listening tour, whilst walking or cycling through Veenhuizen.

Writer Suzanna Jansen, known for the best-seller and theatre play of the same name, The Paupers’ Paradise, will take you through the former colony and prison village’s extraordinary history. She will show the history which lies hidden beneath the present.

This impressive journey through time will take you along the places in her book, whereby the history almost becomes tangible through the narration, reading fragments, short scenes and music. Discover Veenhuizen’s time layers and enjoy the vast nature, the special buildings and the endless distances along the way.

About The Paupers’ Paradise
Suzanna Jansen describes the large-scale social experiment from the nineteenth century which her ancestors formed part of in The Paupers’ Paradise. Tens of thousands of poor people were sent to the Veenhuizen re-education asylums from 1823. But what started out as an enthusiastic plan to elevate the underclass quickly turned into a trap. One million Dutch people in our time are descendants of these ‘paupers’. The book became an unprecedented best-seller (more than 325,000 copies sold) and also led to a theatre hit by Director Tom de Ket.

Allow yourself to be taken through Veenhuizen and experience the history which lies hidden beneath the present.

Practical information
The Listening Tour is approximately 16 kilometres and can be covered on foot, by bicycle or partly by car*. The route will take you along 16 listening points.
If you decide to walk, the tour should take you around 5.5 hours if you don’t take a break. We recommend walkers to allow an entire day for this experience and start your journey between 10.00 and 10.30 in the morning. It would definitely be a good idea to leave before 12.00 midday if you are opting for a bicycle or car trip.

You can collect the Listening Tour from the Prison Museum for €7.50 p.p. (introductory price). This includes the rental of an audio guide, an information guide and a route map.
You will need to pay a €25 deposit per booking.
We would recommend you bring some headphones or earphones for the best listening experience. (You can purchase these from the museum too.)

Make sure you get back before 16.30 hours to return the audio guide and have your deposit refunded. You can take the guide and route map home with you, so you can enjoy this extraordinary experience again at your leisure.

*the route can be completed by car too, but some of the listening points can only be followed on foot.

Enjoy a carefree day out and about and take a lunch with you to enjoy on your way. Our chefs can prepare a delicious lunch for you in a handy backpack to enjoy during your outing for only € 9.50.

Book your listening tour below. Number of people = number of audio guides required.
Would you like to take us up on the lunch offer too? You will need to make a separate booking for this.
You can find this booking screen below the lunch content.


Lunch to go
A carefree day out? Book your lunch to go here.
The lunch will consist of:
• Artisanal baguette with ‘Kaaslust’ cheese
• Artisanal baguette with smoked, dried ham
• Eau de colony (water)
• Dorito’s bits
• Syrup waffle
• Apple
And all of this packed in a handy backpack.


This audio journey was written by Suzanna Jansen, author of ‘The Paupers’ Paradise,’ the book on which the journey is based. It was directed and edited by theatre-maker Inge Wannet. The English translation is by Brent Annable. You heard the voices of Camilla van Doorn and of Eli Thorne, via House of Voice.

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