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Corona Measures

A visit to the Prison Museum is currently a little different from the norm. You can read about all the Corona Measures in place here.

We are certainly very happy to be able to welcome visitors back to the museum again. We will do our very best to welcome everyone as safely and hospitably as possible, in line with the rules established by the RIVM and the Museum Association’s protocol. You will need to book a ticket prior to your visit. You can simply pay at the checkout. You will be welcomed by the museum’s employees at the entrance to the museum. They will explain the relevant procedures and can answer any possible questions you may have. Information regarding all the measures in place is provided below:

Main rules:
• You must book your visit to the museum in advance
• We will not grant access if a visitor is displaying any symptoms of illness
• Always stay 1.5 meters apart
• Regularly disinfect your hands
• Follow the one-way system indicated on the floor
• Follow any instructions provided by our staff

How can I book a ticket?
You can book a ticket via our website: https://www.gevangenismuseum.nl/plan-je-bezoek/reserveren/  Need some help? Look here: Reserve your visit

How long can I stay for?
You can stay in the museum as long as you like. For example, if you have booked the 12.30-13.00 pm timeslot, you can arrive anywhere within that half hour slot. Once inside the museum, you can stay as long as you like.

Where do I pay for my ticket?
You can pay for your ticket at the museum checkout. Payments should be made by debit/credit card whenever possible.

Is it safe for me to visit the museum?
Absolutely, we have introduced all sorts of measures which are in line with the RIVM’s guidelines. This includes the availability of plenty of disinfectant hand gel. Our desk employees are seated behind a plexiglass screen, which means you can safely pay and communicate with them. We have also put extra cleaning rounds in place and any areas with many contact moments will be subjected to extra cleaning.

Can I visit the museum shop?
The museum shop is open. However, you can only visit the museum shop at the start of your visit as a result of the one-way system through the museum. Always stay 1.5 meters apart and pay by debit/credit card whenever possible.

Can I use the wardrobe/lockers?
yes, you can use the wardrobe and lockers. Leave any large bags in your car, although you are permitted to bring a handbag into the museum.

Can I use the toilet facilities?
Yes of course, but only at the start and end of your museum visit because of the one-way system. It goes without saying that the toilets are regularly cleaned throughout the day.

Is the museum restaurant open?
Yes, the restaurant is open. Again, abide by the 1.5 meter distancing rule and follow any instructions provided by our employees. You don’t need to make a separate booking for the restaurant. Our terrace is freely accessible.

Is the Prison Bus running and are guided tours to the Red Roof Tiles prison available?
Yes, bus tours and guided tours are now once again possible. However, there is limited capacity, so it’s always a good idea to arrive early if you’d like to come along. These bus tours and guided tours are conducted in Dutch.

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